If your planning application, listed building or conservation area consent has been:

  • refused
  • not decided within the appropriate period
  • granted, subject to planning conditions to which you object

you can appeal our decision. Planning appeals are managed independently by the Planning Inspectorate.

If you are appealing a decision regarding a householder application, you must appeal within twelve weeks of the date of your decision notice.

For all other applications, you must appeal within six months of the date of your decision notice.

Appeal a planning decision

Please note that only the person who originally made the planning application can make an appeal.

You are also able to search for an existing planning appeal:

Search for a planning appeal

Types of decision outcomes

Post decision approval

If we have approved a planning application, it does not necessarily mean that the development can go ahead. We may need further involvement, or there may be other permissions, planning conditions or consents needed.

Please refer to our post decision approval information to learn more.

Post decision refusal

If we have refused a planning application, we will not allow the proposed development to take place. There are several reasons as to why we might refuse an application - we may have received insufficient information, or it might involve the history of the site.

Please refer to our post decision refusal information to learn more.

Current appeals

We publish information about current live appeals of public interest in the district, as and when they happen.